I dreamt of a brand that spoke to me aesthetically.

I dreamt of a brand that encompassed the creative and the bold, the masculine and the feminine, the artistic and passionate. 

I dreamt of a brand that offered efficient and reliable products at an accessible price point.

I dreamt of a skincare line that would actually work on both my face and body, wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin or trigger my symptoms of Lyme disease. 

I dreamt of a skincare line that I could count on when traveling or at home that my partner and I could share. 

I dreamt of an apparel line that would enhance my love for classic style with an edge whether it be day or night. 

I dreamt of a concept that would continue to evolve beyond skincare and apparel, into a lifestyle.

I dreamt of a concept that encompassed minimalism and efficiency without sacrificing quality. 

I dreamt of a platform that housed interesting editorial content and contribution from the most creative and inspiring people.

I dreamt of a community that could engage on a daily basis and comfortably discuss whatever topics that may be disruptive to those who only live on the surface. 

I dreamt of a world where those who work independently or dreamt of creating change could feel connected and a world where customers of all walks of life could comfortably shop.

I dreamt of a movement that removed the bullshit filters and spoke honestly regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

I created Birds & Blokes.