Our nano silver, not to be confused with colloidal silver or other silver metals, ​​is a powerful antimicrobial engineered to kill even the most resistant bacteria (MRSA and VRE) and clinically proven to kill specific microorganisms without any side effects. It has been used within the medical world for the last few years to treat or reduce infection risk in a variety of skin conditions such as fungal irritations, staph infections, lacerations, abrasions, skin tears, 1st/2nd degree burns, diabetic wounds, ulcers, and incision sites and is 100 times stronger than any microbial on the market. 

Our nano silver particle is multivalent and catalytic with a silver oxide exterior that works to kill microbes in a skin wound continuously.

To be clear, this is NOT an ionic silver or micronized silver (the silvers that can cause side effects) due to its stronger physical structure and stability. This means that our nano silver regenerate is 100% safe, gentle, and side effect free.

After extensive trials on our own skin with nothing but incredible results, we decided to bring this exclusive technology to the consumer skincare market to share it with all of you.

B&B is proud to say that we are the only direct to consumer brand to feature this technology and that every single one of our liquid products (that already pack a punch with incredible skin loving ingredients) contains our nanosilver for total skin clearing results and protection from any future irritations as well as environmental stressors.   

A study on MRSA wounds showed 100% of participants had complete wound healing by week 5 when using nano silver.